Food service resources

In addition to the recipes and ideas you’ll find on the blog, here are some sites you may find useful:

Chef Talk: A chef-only site and message board that’s constantly freshened with new material. It also includes chef-to-chef product reviews.

Christian Camp & Conference Association: A great way to find other camps in your area (as well as jobs, should it come to that). You also can join the association’s Facebook group for food-service professionals.

Christian Chefs Fellowship: A great group of peers eager to offer advice and solutions for chefs of all walks of life. Some of the material may seem dated and the conversations are older, but the information is solid.

Epicurious: The most reliable collection of recipes on the web, because they’ve been developed tested by publications that originally published them, including the former Gourmet and Bon Appetit.

The Cook’s Thesaurus: A sort-of abbreviated “Food Lover’s Companion,” to help you understand ingredients and find substitutions when necessary.


One thought on “Food service resources

  1. Wilt Pohl , Facebook says:

    I am a former camp cook in Minnesota and am enjoying your posts. Retired December 2013 but still enjoy what others do. I grew up in the Adirondack Mts and would love to go back some time to volunteer and educate myself. Hometown is Saranac Lake. Love your stuff. Put me on your blog list. Thanks!!

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