A question from the snack aisle


Dear Walmart,

With all of your pioneering efforts in the retail food business, please tell me: What do you raise on your glacier in order for you to have a glacier ranch?
Polar bears?


Where the buffalo [used to] roam

Gem Farms bison crossing the New York State Thruway. Photo from the Times Union, http://www.timesunion.com.

Bison can swim?

That was my first thought when I read the amusing but sad accounts about a herd of buffalo that escaped from Gem Farms in Schodack and traveled as many as 20 miles, most of them swimming across the Hudson River, crossing the Thruway and wandering into Bethlehem, where they eventually were dispatched.

My second thought was more somber. Man, bison farming is tough.

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When a supplier faces charges

West Wind Acres in Charlton. Photo from West Wind Acres Facebook page.

This is not about the larceny some purveyors get away with by marking up paper goods. These are real charges facing a real purveyors.

At home and camp, we occasionally purchase beef from West Wind Acres in West Charlton. Local newspapers last week reported its owner, Josh Rockwood, was charged with 13 counts of not providing animals with proper sustenance. He has a court date tomorrow.

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Quick pic: This is not frosting

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 10.17.44 PMI got a real kick out of the packaging of a product I usually purchase in a jar. Somehow I goofed and ordered a 4-gallon pail instead of four 1-gallon plastic jars.

Look at the photo. This is not a pastry bag full of buttercream. It’s not anything you’d use to ice, frost, glaze or otherwise decorate anything. You would never want to.

It’s Hellman’s mayonnaise. At least a gallon and a half left over after I made coleslaw and potato salad bases.

And the fact that it comes in a bag which, when partially emptied, comes out and looks like a pastry bag, is absolutely hilarious. Now it’s time to think of the pranks.

On the shelves: Adirondack frauds

The Adirondack Park is marked in green. Adirondack Maple Farms is at the bottom, a 15-mile drive from the Adirondacks.

The Adirondack Park is marked in green. Adirondack Maple Farms is at the bottom, a 15-mile drive from the Adirondacks.

When I visit some of my Montgomery County farm sources, I often pass a maple syrup manufacturer in the town of Mohawk, near Fonda.

The name? Adirondack Maple Farms.

I shake my head when I see it. It’s great marketing (and great syrup). But those of us up here know it’s harvested and produced in the Mohawk Valley, well outside the Adirondack Park.

It’s not the only Adirondack geographic fraud.

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