First, the winner, then the prize

Bacon-toffee semifreddo.

I entered my church’s bacon cookoff this weekend. I expected to either win in a landslide or lose big.

When a judge said to me, “this isn’t even fair” and reached for another, I knew I was OK.

The dish: A bacon-toffee semifreddo with a maple bacon spoon. The bacon was thick-cut Wright-brand bacon from Walmart. (Yes, Walmart. And by the way, Wright, like many meat brands, is owned by Tyson.)

The maple flavor was from Mud Road Sugar House maple sugar. The semifreddo was little more than whipped cream, egg yolks and sugar, with Heath Bar bits, small bacon cubes and a couple of drops of Watkins caramel extract.

The prize was three pounds of bacon from the fabulous Oscar’s Smokehouse in Warrensburg. Two pounds found new homes. The last pound found homes in our stomachs. Rolled tight, cooked for more than an hour in a slow oven, and finished with barbecue sauce.

Don’t worry, boys, I’ll just judge next year.

Bacon roll-ups, glazed with barbecue sauce.


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