Sorry for fibbing (for your own good)

Pumpkin bread pudding, with no pumpkin in sight.

Pumpkin bread pudding, with no pumpkin in sight.

You know Starbucks’ pumpkin-spice lattes have no pumpkin in them, right?

Well, neither does our pumpkin bread pudding.

Tonight, I called an audible when preparing pumpkin bread pudding for dessert for an informal dinner for about 125 guests. I was going to use canned pumpkin puree, but at the last minute, I decided on a switcheroo.

I used leftover mashed sweet potatoes.

Served the night before with fried chicken, these sweet potatoes were loaded with flavor — red curry paste, concentrate orange juice and brown sugar. Would cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon transform it into pumpkin flavor?

Turns out, yes, absolutely.

I left the sign the same, but, like Starbucks, there wasn’t a lick of pumpkin in dessert.

Misleading? Maybe a little. But would you have eaten sweet potato bread pudding?

Here’s the rest of our meal:

Missions Dinner

Cuban-style roasted pork shoulder

Whole-grain ziti

Corn with basil-citrus butter

Roasted Carolina gold tomatoes and zucchini

Tossed salad

Whole-wheat dinner rolls

“Pumpkin” bread pudding


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