Small group time: What’s on hand?

U.S. Foods requires me to buy 20 boxes before it will deliver. Performance Food Service needs me to spend $500 before they make the 150-mile trip here.

Today, I’m feeding six people.

So, yeah, our food is coming from a different source.

I enjoy the puzzle of feeding small groups, which we do a half-dozen times a year. In this case, it’s a work group, with as many as 13 yesterday and only six today. Next week, we’ll feed 10 executives from a large ministry nearby. The next week, it’ll be a slightly larger group, which will include some old friends. There are two more before the end of the year.

These groups are an opportunity to make use of foods long-hiding in the back corners of the freezers, small quantities of leftovers and recent Amish produce market buys. It also gives me a chance to serve family-style or plate meals, as they do in super-fancy camps. And it means I can try serving something wacky to a focus group.

Case in point: Pulled pork stuffed peppers, making use of some leftover pork shoulder, leftover rice and extra Amish peppers.

Here’s how we’re feeding them:

Friday breakfast (family style): Cherry tomato and caramelized onion frittata, sausage links, hash browns, apple English muffins.

Friday lunch (plated): Fried chicken breast on a sesame roll with lettuce and Carolina gold tomatoes, fries, Patriot pickles, coleslaw, ice cream sandwiches.

Friday dinner (family style): Pulled pork stuffed peppers, macaroni and cheese, sauteed green beans, Caesar salad, dinner rolls, carrot cake.

Saturday breakfast (family style): Baked French toats, bacon, homefries, yogurt, apples.

Saturday lunch (plated): Spicy pepperoni sandwiches in marinara sauce, tossed salad, Utz chips, strawberry ice cream.


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