Happy note in shop’s closing

It’s rare that I’ll dance on a grave and celebrate the closing of a food business, because I understand the physical and financial sacrifices that go into owning one.

But I am so thankful to the generosity of the owner of this particular convenience store and doughnut shop (look at the picture; no need for it to be Googleable). The morning after the building was bought by its competitor across the street last week, our camp was invited to take whatever we could before the new owners moved in.

And we did. Counters. Stainless steel surfaces. DIsplay cases. Shelving. Windows. Utensils. Signage. A refrigerator and freezer. The equipment easily cost thousands new and would have fetched thousands on the open market.

Oh. And we also go doughnuts. At least doughnut holes, breads, rolls, Danishes and other doughnut-shop essentials. Even coffee. In 10 minutes’ time, it went from their walk-in freezer to mine.

As you can tell from the photo, we also took part of the sign, destined for the office of a friend, who was a particular fan.

We are blessed this way every spring. Last year, it was other camps with surplus plates and equipment. This year, the owner of a defunct business trying to vacate his place by a deadline.

I’m sorry for the circumstances but thankful for the privilege of putting his things to good use.


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