Breakfast surprise


It was seven years ago a group of investors built the 74 State boutique hotel in downtown Albany and hired a friend of mine to be its sales director. He was long gone by the time I finally got there for a night out with my wife this weekend.

Also gone: Those owners, the next owners, the owners after that … and, sadly, the restaurant, a casualty of the newest round of owners, who paid $3.8 million for it, according to a Times Union story.

So much for our breakfast, which was included in the gift certificate Julie and I bought at an auction.

So I was actually shocked when, upon checkin, we learned the new owners had decided to offer complimentary breakfast service, as it does in its other hotels. And even more shocked that the breakfast was good!

There were light and fluffy scrambled eggs, which didn’t come out of a bag. Crispy bacon and fat sausage links. An array of muffins, scones and Danishes. Fruit salad, other fresh fruit and Greek yogurt.

None of those machines that dispense waffle batter by day and nacho cheese sauce by night. No half-pint cartons of skim milk or juice with foil, peel-off lids. Nothing that was cooked in a microwave.

So while some may be disappointed to find the bar reduced to a landing spot for coffee, below, it’s a relief to know the place is at least doing breakfast right.



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