Angry rabbit’s promotion


Two years ago, we concocted an Angry Rabbit dish for Sacandaga Sportsmen’s Day, a day for hunters, fishermen and outdoorsmen coming up Saturday at camp.

It was basically a carrot side dish, flecked with rabbit meat that had been laced with sriracha chili sauce.

This year, we’re going one step further. The same rabbit will be a jerk.

We did our usual boning and butchering, but then went a step further with a harsh Jamaican jerk rub on the meat, lacing it with all kind of chiles and spices, including allspice and black pepper. You can see the bellies being sauteed above. Tenderloins were also sauteed. The legs were braised in a spicy rabbit stock.

By the time it meets the finished dish, a succotash with diced bell peppers, diced onions, corn and edamame, the rabbits’ flavor will have mellowed.

But still, “jerk rabbit” sounds better than “angry rabbit.”

Maybe we should just call the dish Suffering Succotash.

Maybe next year.


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