Cupcakes (cake optional)

I’m sure this is not a first, but it’s the first time it happened with a platter.

We served these chocolate whipped cream cupcakes to a group of college students for dessert on Saturday afternoon. I’ll take this as a referendum on the dessert.

Clearly, they approve of the chocolate whipped cream (Shh! It’s Rich’s chocolate nondairy whipped topping). The cupcakes? Not so much.

Not sure I blame them. The only vanilla cupcakes I’ve loved have been covered, dipped and filled with icing. What about you?

Anyway, here’s the weekend menu. This was a smaller group who ate family style, so the menu is more pared down than larger weeks:

Chicken Parmesan
Penne in spicy marinara sauce
Sauteed green beans
Olive oil focaccia
Ganache-iced brownies

Turkey and provolone subs
Potato chips
Pasta salad
Dill pickle chips
Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate whipped cream

Honey-glazed ham
Harvest stuffing with apple and cranberries
Spicy potato wedges
Curried carrot and parsnips
Buttermilk biscuits
Pumpkin-raisin bars with cream cheese glaze

Barbecue chicken
on sesame kaiser rolls
Pepperoni-dill potato salad
Corn and black bean salad
Baby dill pickles
Monster Jell-O blocks


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