Dollar doughnut downer


I figured this day would come sometime. It was this morning.

I paid $1 for a doughnut.

The dollar doughnut was one of those things I knew would come at some point. Like $5 gallons of gas, it as always something I figured would be way in the distance. Unlike $5 gas, it’s something I expected to resist as long as possible. Paying a buck for 2 ounces of air seems a little much.

But it was today at Krispy Kreme in Virginia Beach. My daughter’s blueberry cake doughnut was $1.09, as are most varieties. Original glazed remains 99 cents.

And how do you resist a “Hot Now” Krispy Kreme.

I’ve seen dollar doughnuts before, but in premium locations, like the Market Basket store in Franklin Lakes, N.J., and some snooty bakeries that think they’re better than they are. I guess I should thank Dunkin Donuts and its 99-cent donuts for holding out as long as they could.


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