Perfect customer service

20131223-230641.jpgThanksgiving 2012. Hershey Chocolate World, Hershey, Pa. The bakery stand was sloppily run and led to our to-go order getting fouled up — the mistakes found only 250 miles later.

I fired off an email to who I believed to be the right food-and-beverage guy for Chocolate World, just as an FYI.

Hundreds of dollars worth of generosity has ensued. We’re enjoying that today.

My email somehow ended up in the inbox of the Vice President who is in charge of Hersheypark. Not my intended target, and there’s nothing he could do.

“But look,” he wrote, “next time you’re here, let me know you’re coming so you and your family can be my guests at Hersheypark.”

I thanked him for his generosity, but told him I couldn’t imagine finding time off in the summer.

Turns out, Hersheypark also opens in December. It’s called Candylane, and it’s incredible. It’s the best of Hersheypark’s family entertainment (minus the roller coasters and animal shows), decked out in lights and decorations, with great food, cheerful music and a staff that starts every ride with “here we go” and ends them with “merry Christmas.” (No generic happy holidays here.)

When we decided to spend a few days of our only real vacation of the year in nearby Gettysburg, not only did the vice president provide us tickets to the park, he also provided us with a car pass to Sweet Lights, a 4-mile roadside light show.

“And let me know when you get down here in the summer, so you can be my guests again,” he said.

Amazing. Undeserved. And absolutely appreciated.



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