photo-12I drove home from Lunch Lady Camp in Pennsylvania two weeks ago with a car weighed down by blessings. And came home to find my kitchen filled with more.

The camp, actually a workshop for camp foodservice workers in the mid-Atlantic, was perhaps most valuable for the access it provided to my peers. All of these great minds, some with decades more of great experience, all in one place. I had answers to questions and solutions to problems I didn’t even know I had.

While enjoying one of our meals at the Blue Mountain Christian Retreat Center, I mentioned to the foodservice director at one camp that I was going to need to buy more everyday plates, since the four sets we’ve cobbled together simply aren’t enough anymore. He suggested I stop by his camp on my way home to look at their old set they’d replaced.

Would you believe it matched exactly? More than 150 large plates and another 150 small ones, courtesy of Montrose Bible Conference and its foodservice director, Pierce Johnson.

While talking with two other foodservice directors about making breads and pizza crusts from scratch, I mentioned that my ability was limited because we lacked a dough hook for our large mixers. Turns out, one of the foodservice directors had recently replaced her mixer — and I remembered from my time working and volunteering there growing up that it was a similar, if not identical machine.

So I came home with a dough hook, courtesy of Camp Orchard Hill and foodservice director Lisa Stull. I’ll christen it with homemade pizza for a men’s group next weekend.

Shortly after I got home, I found the kitchen filled with boxes from a large foodservice equipment company. Shelving and chafing dishes and ice paddles and coolers and choppers and other toys, including some that had been on my wish list. They were items that had been returned over the years and could no longer be sold by the company, and one of their salesmen thought we could use it.

So add to the blessings $1,500 in equipment from Robert Emig & Associates.

And I’ll add one more piece of encouragement that came my way.

Nearly two months ago, I drove to New York City to pick up Chris Harris and Janet Lee, who sing together as The Adventures of Rodeo & Juliet and were performing for our Valentine’s Day banquet. Harris had produced and written for Michael W. Smith, among others, and during our five hours together through the drive and lunch, I managed to tell him I thought Michael W. Smith’s new songs didn’t measure up.

When I got back from Lunch Lady Camp, I learned Chris and Janet sent Julie and I an incredibly encouraging note. Included in the envelope: “Glory,” Michael W. Smith’s newest instrumental CD, with an inscription for us, signed by him.

Yes, I am blessed.


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