Scenes from a mall

After picking up a donated item in Pattersonville for camp’s Annual Dinner Auction next week, our car somehow drove itself to the Rotterdam *Very* Square Mall, a sad little mall that gets only fraction of the traffic it got when it opened in the 1980s (after a decade of stalled construction). Once a neat place, it no longer has its carousel, arcade or more than half of its food vendors.

I should have taken a photo of the Hurricane Simulator, a $2 amusement in the middle of one of the walkways. But there were plenty of other amusing things — most of them food-related.

This is why you have to be careful buying food from a dollar store.

A Paula Deen air freshener at TJ Maxx (of course). Presumably, it smells like cigarettes, White Castle, mayonnaise and Gordon Elliot.

As the saddest Claire’s in the world.

We don’t do Halloween, but Julie and Erika are always good for chocolate. These are from Gertrude-Hawk.

Christmas 2012: Under construction.


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