Summer leftovers from the iPhone

Cleaning out my iPhone the other day, I found a ton of previously unpublished photos from the summer. It was nice to talk a walk back through the nostalgia. Now, it’s your turn …

The 2012 summer staff, from left, Shanon, Lindsey, Krystl, Devin, Macaela and me.

Bacon! But only once a week.

Devin, who hates whipped cream, applying it to brownie cupcakes.

Macaela asked for a staff cookie jar on Day 1. She got it and the staff kept it filled.

Pink chicken. Literally. Turns out, the vinegar in the marinade was artificially colored.

Krystl and Macaela sign their name to the wall behind the Snack Barn.

More mischief by Macaela and Krystl, with leftover cannoli cream.

More mischief: Macaela and Shanon.

And then it’s Devin’s turn. He had a full beard when she was done.

Early on a busy Saturday morning in the dining hall.

Fruit kabobs. The skewers did not become weapons as I feared.

We had one major silverware mishap. Devin!!!

A lot of our produce toward the end of the summer came from Amish farms in Montgomery County. This one featured a full clothesline.

Among our local produce, red and purple carrots.

More local produce: An heirloom tomato salad from the Takacs Farm near Canajoharie.

Lindsey, high on life and plantain chips.

Big-time beef: A 60-pound steamship round for a smorgasbord.

Making stock from the leftover bone. We called it brontosaurus stock.

One of our desserts: Cheesecake with raspberry coulis.

Devin and Lindsey shucking a dozen dozen ears of Perry’s Sweet Corn.

Lindsey and Shannon finish off a dessert: Buttermilk pudding cake with fresh raspberries.

Macaela and Krystl in a high-level meeting.

Another dessert: Black forest cake.

Making dirt cups for the kids. I think we did it once.

A happy staff on our last morning together.


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