Last week’s in 1 word: Terror

Chocolate-whipped cream cupcakes at Sacandaga Bible Conference

As the doors flew open and the first of about 150 teens charged in the other morning, it hit me. There are days I am terrified to cook for groups like this.

Will they wipe us out of cocoa mix? (No.) Will they be on time? (Yes, mostly). Will they eat cereal in ridiculous quantities? (No.) Will they drink fruit punch for breakfast? (Yes) Will 100 doughnuts be enough? (No.) Will will run out of tater tots early? (Yes.)

I keep pretty thorough notes for each group — how many people, what we prepared and how much was left, whether they were prone to lateness, whether they were big coffee drinkers, what they had for special requests — anything else that could help us serve them better next year. But when it’s a new group, as this one us, it’s a blank slate. No two groups, even when the ages are the same, have the same needs.

As I saw them — and they were big, male and hungry — I repeated Philippians 4:6 (Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God), took a deep breath, and lifted the lids on the buffet. Turns out, we were fine. Not perfect, but we did our best.

Here’s how we fed them:


French toast sticks with syrup

Sausage links

Cheesy hash browns

Assorted yogurt

Fresh peaches and bananas


Ham, turkey and cheese sandwiches
on multigrain bread

Sesame noodles

Corn and black bean salad

Potato chips and pretzels


Rice Krispie treats

Chocolate chip cookies


Penne with tomato-cream sauce

Sweet Italian sausage

Green beans with garlic oil

Steamed broccoli, cauliflower and snowpeas

Tossed salad with dressings

Dinner rolls with butter

Chocolate-whipped cream cupcakes


Western eggs with bacon, onions and bell peppers

Scrambled eggs

Sliced ham with Frasier’s maple sugar

Plain and cinnamon-raisin English muffins

Assorted doughnuts and Danishes

Grapes, oranges


Hot dogs on rolls

Tater tots

Homemade baked beans

Macaroni salad

Cherry and lime jello


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