A short-term return to family-style service

Cranberry bread pudding, part of Thursday’s dessert at Sacandaga Bible Conference.

According to story, legend and song, Sacandaga Bible Conference used to regularly serve dinners to 400 guests, back in the 1960s or so.

How they did that, I can’t tell, but it certainly it would have required not having a buffet or self-service beverage stations.

We’re doing that this week, only for 384 fewer people.

It’s a terrific group of couples and church leaders from around the East Coast, and it’s been fun to ditch the buffet setup and serve them face to face.

As a one-man show, there are some challenges, like trying to clear salad plates and run food to three tables at the same time, but it’s rewarding. We’ve had nice small talk about how I’m also the dishwasher, and the career choice that got me to this point.

Will we do it again? Yes, absolutely.



Italian wraps with ham, salami and cheese

Cream of tomato soup with rice

Corn and black bean salad

Pretzels and hummus

Chocolate-cannoli cupcakes


Caesar salad

Roast beef in gravy

Loaded smashed potatoes

Sugar snap peas in sesame-ginger sauce

Curried cauliflower

Butter and egg rolls

Cranberry bread pudding with chocolate creme Anglaise


Cinnamon-raisin French toast


Spicy homefries


Assorted cereals with milk


Double cheeseburgers

French fries


Dill pickle chips

Ice cream




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