A Sacandaga summer by the numbers: 14,622, 187, 5, 1

The summer kitchen staff at Sacandaga Bible Conference (plus a lost lifeguard in the background).

Sacandaga Bible Conference’s summer season is in the books. Nine weeks, thousands of campers, guests, staffers and volunteers served, hundreds of lives impacted and dozens of commitments to Christ, which is why we do what we do.

Here’s why this blog has been deader than dead the last few months:

14,622: Meals prepared between June 18, when a few staffers arrived for high-ropes training, and August 18, when about 200 folks dropped in for our final smorgasbord, which featured carved tri-tip steak with blue cheese fondue and a special steak sauce, as well as chicken with freshly picked Anderson Acres herbs. It was almost 40 percent more than two years ago, when I was running the kitchen from 200 miles away.

187: Breakfasts, lunches and dinners combined — the largest number of consecutive meals I’ve ever had a hand in. It kept the staff on its toes.

5: The number of young summer staffers who blessed and encouraged me this summer while working together to turn out the largest number of meals the camp has seen in half a decade. McGee, K-Bomb, D-Bone, L-Dog and ShanMan — not their real names — I miss you already and can’t wait until we’re together again. (Also, they’ve been dying to see the Photobombed picture with this post.)

1: Days off before the offseason work began. My family and I spent the day at another Christian camp yesterday, losing ourselves in its powerful worship service and taking mental notes about how we can improve what we do. Then this morning, we were back to work by 8:30 — her in the office at Johnston Lodge, and me in mine at the Hilltop Dining Hall. We had dinner together at home as a family for the first time in two months.

It was a great feeling, but I could do another 187 meals.


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