The only thing not eaten at this ‘prom’

One lonely piece of asparagus — all that remained after serving teens.

We had the privilege of serving a group of Christian high schoolers last night at their semi-formal dinner and photo session, followed by an ice cream sundae bar . Not a prom — no music, no dancing — but an exciting evening nonetheless. It was the second time in three years we hosted them, and I hope we’ll see them again next year.

Coincidentally, fewer than 10 hours after a group of adults declined to eat vegetables, this crew of 16-year-old devoured them, leaving us with one piece of asparagus at the end of the night.

Here’s what they enjoyed:

T H E   M E N U

Chicken with Parmesan cream sauce

Penne with dry-cured sausage and homemade chunky tomato sauce

Asparagus roasted in olive oil

Sauteed cauliflower

Baby carrots with Rulison’s honey

Corn with chili butter

Tossed salad with garlic Palatine cheese

Garlic breadsticks

Peach crisp with whipped cream


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