Things I didn’t know about Paula Deen

Paula Deen and her husband, Michael Groover, in The Record Kitchen in April 2007. Photo by Peter Monsees/The Record

I’ve spent a fair amount of time reading about, writing about and talking to Paula Deen — the good, the bad and the ugly — and most of it coming in my past life as a food editor.

Between reading her books, dining in her restaurants, sampling her brand-named products and being with her on a few occasions — including this fun one about five years ago (don’t miss the recipe there) — I thought I knew a lot about her.

She’s hilarious, serious, bawdy, sweet and profane, all at the same time. She’s charming, delightful and beautiful in that Southern Mama way, and it’s no surprise that until the diabetes debacle, most non-cooks loved her.

But while perusing the shelves and coolers at the Smithfield Ham Shop in Williamsburg, Va., a few weeks ago, I learned some new, interesting facts:

First, you can buy an entire bucketful of Paula Deen:

And second, she comes in several flavors:

Who knew?


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