Another food show, another letdown

ImageI visited my second food show of the season today — this time run by Giant Foodservice Company.

It was productive in terms of making connections with folks who can meet some of our service needs — paper products, condiment dispensers, etc. It was a little worthless otherwise.

When I asked a rep from a canned tomato company — we make our own sauce — about his best peeled, whole tomatoes, he steered me to two pureed tomato products. We have yet to find a peeled, whole tomato we’re happy with from Giant Foodservice Company.

Sales reps from a glass company, a large processed chicken company had zero interest in talking about their products. At least one passed on her email address in case I want to ask more questions later.

A certain dessert cost only 25 cents an ounce. “So look what you can do for $2.” Sigh. Nobody listens when we tell them how much money we actually get to spend on a meal.

Also within our budget, according to the reps: Tiny, precious hors d’ouevres for children’s meals, like phyllo-wrapped asparagus (sorry, folks, not every kid is named Erika Pitcher).

In the “your kids will love it” department, we have chips made with chickpea flour that we can’t afford, canned crab that tasted like tuna and some really disgusting sausage that tasted of sawdust.

I didn’t find my perfect bacon. I didn’t find my perfect chicken-breast nugget.

The search continues.


3 thoughts on “Another food show, another letdown

  1. Hmm, interesting Lisa. That’s the company that I was dealing with today and he didn’t even mention them. I don’t even remember seeing them out.

    The best ones I’ve had, I think, essentially are a generic brand — Supremo label — from Chef Central in Jersey for about $16 a case. I got a really good case of Sinatra-brand tomatoes from our friend at Large Foodservice Company, but they weren’t nearly that affordable. I want cheap and perfect. I know, too much to ask!

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