Eating on the road: Beverage edition

It’s rude to take pictures at the Easter dinner table, so you aren’t seeing my wife’s cousin’s wife’s awesome ham with praline-mustard glaze, and an incredible, all-cheddar mac and cheese and the rest of the incredible spread she shared with us. (This after sharing her music, as part of the choir at First Baptist Church of Alexandria, Va.)

But I’m very happy to show you what I drank, because everyone who drinks Coke should try it at some point.

I’m not a sugary soft-drink guy, but it was a treat to suck down a bottle of this Mexican Coke — pure Coke, done the old fashioned way, made from cane sugar and not that sickeningly sweet high-fructose corn syrup. It tasted clean, finished smooth and was less harsh than what you might be used to.

In bigger metropolitan areas, you can find it by the case in warehouse clubs. In New York, I’ve seen in by the bottle at Price Chopper.

P.S. At camp, we sell Pepsi products, and my favorite soda is a Pepsi product, as well. I’m showing a chink in my armor.


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