Eating on the road: In D.C.’s wasteland

One of my favorite restaurants is in Washington, D.C., so I have some culinary affection for this town.

But I hate trying to eat around the national mall. No restaurants. No cool food trucks. Just overpriced hot dogs, popcorn in cellophane bags and $3 water bottles.

Thank goodness for The Smithsonian food courts.

The excellent food court at the American Indian museum had a long line, and National Gallery has an $20 buffet that didn’t strike my fancy. Do I’m typing this from my iPhone in the generally decent food court at the National Museum of American History.

Erika and I split this plate of hormone- and antibiotic-free barbecue pork with some really good mac and cheese and baked beans. $12.95 and worth it.

So was the $3 tomato salad Julie got to add to her wan Caesar salad.

Not worth it: $3 for a side of potato salad I could replicate with a baked potato and mustard and mayo packets; $1.95 for cornbread; and a ridiculous $3.15 for a fountain soda sans lid.

D.C., bring on the food trucks!



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