Why I read labels: Price Chopper edition

When the pink slime ruckus was at a crescendo, Price Chopper bragged to the world how awesome they were for not using beef with the ammonia-treated beef trimmings, with a statement posted online to reinforce that.

It said: “Price Chopper does not buy, use or sell any fresh ground beef that has been ammoniated; nor do we employ FLTB or BLBT as fillers for our fresh ground beef … as a point of interest, suppliers of our frozen ground beef patties have also confirmed that they do not incorporate ‘pink slime’ into the products that we purchase from them.”

So they don’t have pink slime. Bravo.

Here’s what some frozen beef patties sold in the freezer at Price Chopper in Amsterdam have:

  • Beef hearts
  • Water
  • Soy flour and soy protein concentrate
  • Monosodium glutamate, which sounds worse when you call it MSG

So for $4 a pound, you too can buy an MSG-spiked, water-soaked offal-tofu burger.

Pink slime never looked so good. At least it’s made from meat.


2 thoughts on “Why I read labels: Price Chopper edition

  1. lisa says:

    I was actually so disgusted with the gloversville price chopper this afternoon that I left a 3/4 full cart and walked out the door. Never ever did that before…

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