No curtain calls here (except for one)

I’m not a big fan of the “let’s give the cook a big hand” moment at the end of a big event or a weekend … except when the teens from our church,  the Baptist Church of Northville, are the guests.

For the three years we’ve been there — and probably before that — Youth Director Christian Klueg has the teens put together some kind of thank-you song, working in the same groups they’ve worked with all week. And they’re absolutely hilarious.

One parodied a YouTube thing, one did the Hokey Pokey (with no tangible connection to food, but it was amusing), another did a modified “Goodbye, Farewell” from “The Sound of Music,” right down to the lying on the ground at the end.

And then there was Katy Perry.

One group put her first hit — one we wouldn’t sing at camp — into a highly relevant and amusing tribute. While cleaning the tables, we found the napkin the words hasily had been scrawled on.

We got a kick out of it and figured you would, too.


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