Reading material: Kid food for adults today grabbed my attention with a photo and recipe gallery of “Kid food that adults will love.”

I’ll always take notice of something like that. Feeding adults and kids simultaneously isn’t easy. A few of those recipes seem doable. (Though perhaps not the tomato soup. Have you ever watched 7-year-olds serve themselves soup?) And there’s not all already in our wheelhouse.

Other interesting reading material this week:

Here’s some of the good news kicking around newspapers and food sites today:

From the Food Network, free food that isn’t free to your waistline.

Why do restaurants have such weird names, in the Economist.

In the Washington Post, oh for the love of Berkshire Pork.

Also in the WaPo, if you like how coffee subtly kicks up chocolate, see what it does to beef. Looks like a great recipe.

In the New York Times, here’s where kitchen gadgets go to die. Alton Brown would love that story.

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