No pink slime here — a future promise

Pink slime has been everywhere in the news the last week or so.

If it’s been at Sacandaga Bible Conference, I don’t know. But we’ll be looking closer.

Pink slime is parent-talk for an ammonia-treated beef additive that meets food safety standard but has no virtues. It finds its way into cheap ground beef and burgers sold in stores, and is probably in your kids’ school lunch, which is how it suddenly became a Twitter trending topic.

Our preferred ground-beef source is Meatland, a Broadalbin meat shop less than 2 miles away. The beef is ground from whole muscle, and if we have a special request — less chuck, more sirloin — it’s accommodated.

One of our larger purveyors now is offering Pat LaFrieda beef. Knowing his reputation, I’m sure that’ll be filler-free.

But when it comes to the other sources, I don’t know what to think.

The Associated Press had a hard time telling the beef with the filler from the slime-free product. It reinforced the fact that if you don’t know, ask. And if your grocer or food purveyor doesn’t know maybe it’s time to find another?

Check out the AP story. It includes a taste test of traditional ground beef with the pink-slimed one. It’s an interesting outcome that might have you keeping your eyes open.

And we’ll keep our eyes open.

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