Tis the season for tapping camp’s trees

Outside the camp kitchen’s back door are the usual things — walk-in freezer, Dumpster,  maple syrup operation …

What, your camp doesn’t have one of those?

You’re seeing the sap boiler that Director Dave Spencer (pictured) and Facilities Director Chris Ripp put together last week using all kitchen-recycled materials.

The support blocks are the old chicken barbecue. The boiling reservoir is the guts of the old salad bar cart. The warming bin, where sap is poured from recycled food buckets, is the old basin from the deep fryer.

The answer to the important question: No. No, we do not serve the syrup at camp. I don’t believe that would be legal under the health code since we aren’t a processor.

But I wish we were. The first 100 gallons produced more than 2 gallons of syrup last Thursday, and there’s another 100 gallons at work now.

If you’re interested in maple sugaring and live anywhere in New York, there’s probably a sugarhouse near you holding an open house in the next two weekends as part of New York Maple Weekend.

Locally, Mud Road (Ephratah), Frasier’s (Ephratah), Peaceful Valley (Johnstown), McCombs (Speculator) and Nightingale’s (Amsterdamish) all are particpating.


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