A visit from the barbecue sauce fairy

Today, I’m thankful for many things. Safety on the roads. An illness that’s clearing up before a busy weekend. And fairies.

I’ll explain.

I was holed up in the kitchen office this week — the only warm place in the building when there are no guests — when I heard the kitchen door slam.

I came into the kitchen to find two boxes of bottled barbecue sauce.

The barbecue sauce fairy had arrived.

Those of you who cook in Christian ministry hopefully have a barbecue sauce fairy, or one like him. The barbecue sauce fairy — who also functions as the salad dressing and mayonnaise fairy — surprises us all the time with deliveries.

The fairy in this case is a he — Craig, an employee of Giant Food Manufacturer That Shall Not Be Named — and he happens to be married to camp’s office administrator, Kate, who happens to be the sister of Julie, who happens to be my wife. But we also have a honey fairy and a cupcake/cookie/brownie fairy and a super-premium ice cream fairy who have a times provided us with donations that not only are delicious but also prepared in certified facilities.

And don’t even get me started on our flower fairy, who keeps this place amazing looking in the summer.

I’m hoping to develop a relationship with a maple fairy, preferably one who also makes maple sugar, which, with garam masala, makes an awesome pork rub.

In some kitchens, these fairies cut down on food and equipment costs. In ours, we’re able to use them to supplement what we already have, helping guests’ dollars by more or better food.

They do it quietly, often anonymously, not seeking donations, thank-you notes or any kind of affirmation. They decline offers to attend meals as our guests.

They are a blessing. And I couldn’t imagine doing this job without them.


One thought on “A visit from the barbecue sauce fairy

  1. lisa says:

    So, God works in His own way, in His own time. I ordered maple sugar by accident and it turns out no one wants to pay the price for it. I would love it if you could use it. Swing by next time you are in town and then I can be your maple sugar fairy.

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