Mac & cheese mania (and more to read)

Wednesday’s is Food Section Day for newspapers everywhere (except my last one, I guess), so it’s fun time to cruise media food links for fresh stories. Here’s what caught my eye today:

Endless varieties of macaroni and cheese, from the Washington Post. (Forget the recipes. Just make one up based on whatever kind of food inspires you. We’ve done Philly cheesesteak mac and cheese to some acclaim.)

In the New York Times, how chefs toe the line between how food is supposed to be vs. how health inspectors say it has to be.

Also in the NYT, Andres Soltner teaching the forgotten classics to the next generation of chefs.

From the NYT’s Mark Bittman: Should the feds regulate sugar?

In the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, what to do after you’ve eaten all the Girl Scout cookies.

In The Atlantic, the man behind the McMasterpiece.

In the New York Post, another reason I’m glad I’m not in the booze business.

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