I knew it, Taco Bell! (and more to read)

Remember that salmonella outbreak at a “fast food, Mexican-style restaurant” that sickened about 70 people? It was attributed to Taco Bell, says a lawsuit, according to Food Safety News.

Other stuff I’m reading:

This Washington Post piece on the availability of perch there made me wish our local ice fishermen would share their catch with me. (Many of New York’s Thousand Islands-region restaurants offer it.)

If you ask for a burger called the Triple Bypass, don’t be surprise if you have a heart attack while eating it. (Somebody did says Eater.)

What’s on the menu at the Oscar’s Ball? 3-D, of course, says Wolfgang Puck in the Los Angeles Times.

Too early to start planning my Christmas list? Some ideas from famed chef and restaurateur Alain Ducasse, from the Daily Beast.

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